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    My cousin just sent this to me and I’m dying because it’s the truest thing ever

    You guys should try living in Singapore some time. 

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    Now, which one would you like to try?

    Reference: http://www.wackyotaku.com/best-japanese-candy/wacky-japanese-world-of-kit-kat-flavors


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  3. "I’m Mikoshiba Momotarou! My hobby is hunting for stag beetles! My favorite proverb is "Even Homer sometimes nods"! My best dish is fried eggs! When I shower, first place I wash is- That hurts, ow, ow, ow!"

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    but what if eren gets to his basement and it’s just 


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    aibousona look look! 

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    Turns out that Samezuka Gakuen is modeled after Kinki University (now renamed Kindai University) in Osaka.

    The information was shared on the university’s website as well as their twitter, and fans have already paid pilgrimage to the site.

    It’s fitting that the swimming powerhouse is based on this uni, as it happens to be the alma mater of a number of Japanese athletes, including swimmers.

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  7. Captain America | The Avengers & The Avengers: Age of Ultron

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    great job dashcon for passing the blame again and again to the hotel management and who could have been your guests.

    great job dashcon for giving barely a week for your attendees to refund their donations. 3 days is indeed nowhere near the one hour used to generate 17,000 from your incredibly…



  10. I was at Dashcon: An Unnecessary Q&A with myself


    i want so badly to ignore this and just get on with my life, considering that i’m in the midst of tour and traveling the US right now, but it’s clear that I can’t escape this. this is a very long post, i am keeping it under a cut.

    additionally, at least until tumblr moves on from this, my askbox is off. it is a nightmare. i can’t deal with it right now.

    so. I was an invited panelist at Dashcon, and I was on 10 panels over the weekend. my name is mark, I run Mark Reads and Mark Watches, and have been doing so for 5 years next month. (HOLY SHIT THAT IS A LONG TIME.) I have been attending cons for over a decade and been speaking at them as a panelist or a guest since 2011. Including my own tour events outside of cons, I have participated in over 150 “panels,” ranging from 50 minutes to 4 hours. I’m including this upfront because I’ve already been accused of being a 16-year-old nobody who doesn’t know what he’s doing at cons and is ruining fandom. Also, I’m apparently white and straight. ALSO THIS IS A MESS.

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