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    walking into the wrong class




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    guys I photoshopped power rangers behind elrond and can’t stop laughing


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    Makoto Ending

    This is a continuation of the Monthly Free! Crossover.
    You can see the first part here.
    I’ll be adding different Endings of who Nozaki and Mikoshiba pair Haru with.
    Different endings: Pool, Rin, Makoto
    True Ending is Rin and Makoto

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  6. drakeismyfather said: Hey! I think I'm an ENFP who's kinda suppressed his Ne a bit. Any advice on how to become comfortable with it again?


    That’s… not good. Not utilizing Ne enough makes us spend too much time in our Fi, which is less-developed and brings on a melancholy, imbalanced personality. (Believe me, I’ve been there, and done that, and it’s not good. We get super self-absorbed and insecure when operating in Fi.)

    Suppressing dominant Ne either happens because a) you are self-conscious in not being able to articulate yourself as well as you would like (our tendency to “wander” between topics), b) other people have indicated boredom with you, so you shut down creatively, or c) your environment stifles the creativity out of you, in which case… do as much as you can to strengthen your communication (practice!), find people to hang out with who aren’t “bored” by you (are they REALLY bored, or are you self-conscious?), and change up your environment by getting out of your own head as much as possible.

    Engage your Ne. Feed it information and experiences. Go places. Do things. Invite others to introduce you to a new idea, concept, or experience. Explore new hobbies. Expose yourself to new ideas, so that you can get excited about them. Ne starves without an environment to stem its creativity, so immerse yourself in good books, in conversations with people, and in investigating new ideas. Talk about your ideas. Let yourself “wander” a bit. Follow a few more of your impulses. Get out of the house. Go places that you KNOW will inspire you, pick a random book up in the library and open it, go the Renaissance Fair and use a foreign accent the entire day, etc. Ne is good-natured, so feel free to be SILLY if you want to be. Watch comedies. Crack jokes. Read some Ne-heavy authors (Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde) to get your sarcasm and appreciation of metaphors going.

    Your Ne is who you are. It’s not bad. It’s wonderful. Everyone else marvels at it, because it connects the most random stuff imaginable, in unique and inspiring ways. Depriving others of it, much less yourself, is an injustice to them, so you have every right to feed it information.

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  7. bibliophilicphoenix said: (Sorry for sending a second message so soon after my last.) I was wondering if you could do some brief examples of how an unhealthy form of each type behaves?



    The Jackasses:

    STP: I’m going to live for physical thrills by engaging in a reckless, expensive, sex-based lifestyle. I will analyze and crush you, by being critical of everything you do and hitting you where it hurts.

    NTP: I’m going to be a scatterbrained jackass who never follows through on anything, but instead is so deeply invested in philosophizing and living in dream land that I neglect to do much else other than crush you with my cruel rapier wit, when I’m not manipulating you emotionally.

    STJ: I’m going to force you to live by my traditional rules and resist change with every fiber of my being. I will go out of my way to reject any idea that is not founded in logic or past precedence. If you don’t like it, you will be assimilated.

    NTJ: I will become so lost in my vision for the future that I neglect taking care of the present and/or crush you as I strive to accomplish my goals. Your feelings are meaningless to me, because you’re an idiot anyway.

    The Whiners:

    SFJ: You will know, every minute of every day, how much I feel that you under appreciate me. I will stubbornly refuse to change, or embrace any new ideas. I will micro-manage every aspect of your life.

    NFJ: I will be argumentative and manipulative while forcing my vision of the future down your throat. I will become so focused on one thing that all else is unimportant. Things will change, and I will get what I want, whether or not you like it.

    The Screw-Yous:

    NFP: I will pursue my many interests and alternative lifestyles at the cost of my personal relationships or caring about anyone’s welfare other than my own. I will be scatterbrained, unreliable, untrustworthy, and vindictive.

    SFP: My lifestyle will be based around impulsive sensory excesses and living fully in the moment, making decisions based on my emotions whether or not they hurt other people. I will rack up incredible debts doing so, without any intention of paying it off.

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  9. You’re lying! // Even you’re talking like this?

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